Apple To Showrunners: “Don’t Be So Mean”

Apple To Showrunners Dont Be So Mean

One of the big players in the streaming game that has yet to truly reveal their hand is Apple. We know a service from them is coming soon, we know a bunch of the launch shows already in the works, and there have been reports that Apple only wants family-friendly content on its service.

Now a new feature in The New York Post has gone up about it and says Apple head Tim Cook and other executives have been ‘very involved’ with the productions of their original content, so much so that it has resulted in multiple delays.

This means that the previously targeted launch of April will likely not be met. In fact, the report says: “the final product won’t likely be available to consumers before the end of the year – and it will offer just a handful of the several dozen shows it has in the works.”

Meanwhile, agents and producers have been saying the company has been difficult to deal with due to both the intrusive execs along with a lack of transparency and clarity. A producer says: “They are making big changes, firing and hiring new writers. There‚Äôs a lack of clarity on what they want. A lot of the product is not as good as they hoped it to be.”

In addition, the company has passed on storylines because they are about potentially controversial topics, like religion, or the negative consequences of technology – and Apple only wants a positive view of technology. In addition, one of the most oft-repeated notes from Cook to showrunners is to tell them: “don’t be so mean”.

This comes on top of previous reports that Apple wants to quash sex, violence, or anything risque so their content can be played in Apple Stores around the world without offending people. Apple is reportedly only spending $1 billion on content – a fraction of the amount spent by the likes of Netflix and Amazon annually.