Apple Planning Six Potential Oscar Films A Year

Apple Planning Six Potential Oscar Films A Year

Following their announcement of the Apple+ service in March, Apple has now come up with an additional plan – one that will see them financing six small-budget movies a year. What defines these six? The company wants potential Oscar winners.

The New York Post reports that the tech giant has been approaching ‘elevated’ directors and other film talent in recent months to talk about bankrolling projects with serious awards potential.

Apple is said to be looking to spend $5-30 million per project, the push for this driven by Netflix’s recent Oscar nominations and win for Alfonso Cuaron’s “Roma”.

Sources for the outlet say Apple is already taking meetings with original feature films unit head Matt Dentler and are already hiring. The aim is for Focus Features-esque contenders ala “Boy Erased” or “BlacKkKlansman,” but the deal is separate to its multiyear agreement with A24 and there are no details on how it would roll out the films.

The Apple+ service is slated to launch later this year for an unknown price.