Apple Planning A “Time Bandits” TV Series

Apple Planning A Time Bandits Tv Series

Anonymous Content, Paramount Television and Media Rights Capital are set to co-produce a TV series adaptation of Terry Gilliam’s beloved 1980 fantasy film “Time Bandits” for Apple.

The dark tale follows the time-travelling adventures of an eleven-year-old history buff who stumbles on six dwarfs who emerge from his closet. They are former workers of the Supreme Being who have stolen a map that charts all the holes in the space-time fabric.

With the kid tagging along, the group use the chart to hop from one historical era to the next in order to steal riches and meet various historical and fictional characters. At the same time, the malevolent being Evil is attempting to acquire the map and remake the universe to his design.

Gilliam will serve as a non-writing executive producer on the project.

Source: Deadline