Apple Picks Up Asimov “Foundation” TV Series

Apple has picked up the rights to a TV series adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s seminal “Foundation” sci-fi novel trilogy being developed by Skydance Television, David S. Goyer (“Batman Begins,” “Da Vinci’s Demons”) and Josh Friedman (“War of the Worlds,” “Emerald City”).

Originally published as a short story series in Astounding Magazine in 1942, “Foundation” is the complex saga of humans scattered on planets throughout the galaxy and living under the rule of the Galactic Empire.

The action follows a psycho-historian who has an ability to read the future and foresees the empire’s imminent collapse. He sets out to save the knowledge of mankind from being wiped out. Numerous attempts have been made to adapt it for film and HBO tried a series attempt with the likes of Roland Emmerich and Jonathan Nolan attached.

David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Marcy Ross will also executive produce.

Source: Deadline