Apple In Talks For Web TV Service

Apple is reportedly in talks with multiple TV programmers about launching a TV service later this fall according to the Wall Street Journal, one that aims to rival the recently launched Sling TV and the upcoming PlayStation Vue.

The service would charge $30-$40 for about 25 channels, including broadcast TV, and will reportedly allow users to stream linear channels live to a variety of Apple products including Apple TV, iPhone and iPad.

One group that won’t be a part of this venture is NBCU due to aborted talks Apple held with its parent company Comcast last year. As a result NBC, USA, Syfy, E! and Bravo won’t be a part of this service.

What will be? For now it looks like ABC, CBS and FOX along with well-known cable channels like ESPN and FX. Verizon, DirecTV and AT&T are also expected to release their own trimmed down cable TV services later this year, services that are being dubbed ‘skinny bundles’ because they offer far fewer networks but for much more approachable price points.