Apple Could Launch A Cheap TV Dongle

Apple Could Launch A Cheap Tv Dongle

Apple has reportedly considered the launch of a low-cost TV dongle similar to devices from Roku, Amazon and Google.

A cheaper device of this type could help the company find a wider audience for its still-unannounced streaming service expected to launch next year and would work as a budget alternative to its current Apple TV which retails at $149-$179.

Apple TV has always sold itself on being a premium product and thus has the smoothest and most fine tuned interface of all the various services, but it can’t begin to compete on price and is notably missing some key apps (eg. Spotify). Google sells its Chromecast streaming adapter for $35, Roku for $40 and both can drop to near $20 during this week’s Black Friday shopping event.

Those cheap prices have led to Roku and Amazon outselling Apple in the media player space in the U.S. with the market share at 37% for Roku, 28% for Amazon and 15% for Apple as of earlier this year. Internationally the Apple TV has been a bigger hit as Roku and the like operate with much more limited services than they do States-side.

There‚Äôs no word on how far advanced Apple’s plans for a TV dongle are and if the company has made any decision to actually release such a device.

Source: Variety