Apple, Amazon Make Big Announcements

Apple looks to be finally getting into the original programming business with Variety reporting that preliminary conversations have been held in recent weeks with executives in Hollywood to see if there’s interest in producing entertainment content.

The aim is to reportedly churn out long-form content to stream in a bid to compete with Netflix, with the goal of being in operation next year. Whether the focus will be TV series, films or both is unknown at this point.

The talk comes as the company’s Apple TV device is expected to get a significant upgrade at a press event next week, an upgrade that is expected to include an App Store and could be central to the company’s content plans.

Meanwhile, rival Amazon is making it easier for its Prime subscribers to watch movies and TV shows with the tech giant announcing that it is enabling offline viewing of Prime Instant Video movies and TV shows on iOS and Android devices – an ability only users of Fire TV and Kindle Fire devices had the option of doing.

This allows people who pay the $99 annual Prime subscription fee to now be able to download movies and TV shows onto their iPhones, iPads and Android phones at no additional charge. This marks the first and only online subscription streaming service that enables offline viewing.

Source: Variety