Apple Abandons TV Making Plans

One of the most mythical products that has been talked about for years has been the so-called “iTV”, a TV set manufactured by Apple.

A new piece in The Wall Street Journal has revealed that after nearly a decade of research, Apple quietly shelved plans to make such a set over a year ago.

Basically attempts to find breakthrough features to justify building an Apple-branded television set weren’t compelling enough though and so the plan has been scrapped.

While iTV may be vapor, the company’s Apple TV media streamer is likely to get an upgrade after a three year stall which has seen competitors like Roku, Amazon Fire and Chromecast muscle in on that territory.

All eyes are turning toward’s the company’s worldwide developer’s conference (WWDC) event in June which is where it’s expected not only a new box but a new TV offering with premium and live news and sports content, along with a possible App Store with dedicated apps for the box.

Whether that will change the state of play of the current market remains to be seen.