Apocalypse Post-Credits Scene Revealed?

Reviews have been going up regarding Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Apocalypse” in a number of outlets, including a European one called FilmFlutter which seems to reveal the contents of the post-credits sequence which teases the next film.

‘Jan C.’ has posted a translation of the description – the scene itself doesn’t spoil anything in ‘Apocalypse’ beyond what we’ve seen in the trailers, but it does reveal the likely next villain in the franchise:

“We hear steps. The scene begins with a few serious-looking men in black suits, who enter Colonel Stryker’s Weapon X facility, where Wolverine has caused a bloodbath earlier in the film. Unimpressed, the men walk past several bloodied corpses.

They reach a lab and one of the men extracts a blood-filled test tube (probably Wolverine’s) from a laboratory cabinet, which reads Weapon X. The man opens a suitcase and carefully places the test tube in it, next to several other test tubes filled with liquids of different colors. He closes the suitcase and we see a name tag on it that reads “Essex Corp.”. The End.”

That definitely suggests the inclusion of Mr. Sinister (aka. Nathaniel Essex) down the line along with the potential inclusion of Laura Kinney/X-23 – the female clone of Wolverine.