Anton Yelchin Up For “Green Lantern”?

With Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling and upcoming acclaimed young thesp Emile Hirsch passing on the project, Latino Review reports that Anton Yelchin may be in the running to play the title role in the “Green Lantern” comic adaptation.

The casting comes as a surprise as the young Yelchin, though getting good nods for his work in the likes of “Fierce People” and “Alpha Dog”, is not as familiar a name as one would’ve hoped to rest a tentpole franchise on.

Also the character of Hal Jordan is that of a seasoned test pilot who becomes the empowered cosmic superhero, something that will be near impossible for anyone under 25-30 to pull off. Nevertheless, Yelchin is said to be among several of Hollywood’s younger budding stars that are apparently being considered at the moment while offers will likely be made again to Gosling whom the producers are understandably desperate to get onboard.

Yelchin plays a prominent part nonetheless in two of this Summer’s biggest films as younger incarnations of familiar sci-fi characters – in this case Kyle Reese in “Terminator Salvation” and Ensign Pavel Chekov in “Star Trek”.

Martin Campbell (“Goldeneye,” “Casino Royale”) directs ‘Lantern’ which aims to kick off production this year for a December 17th 2010 release.