Anthony Horowitz Pens Second “Tintin” Film

Almost two years ago Peter Jackson revealed that he hadn’t made up his mind yet which of Herge’s two dozen or so stories he intended to adapt into a second “Tintin” film, though “The Seven Crystal Balls” and “Prisoners of the Sun” two-part story was what he was leaning towards.

Now, speaking on Radio 5 (via Bleeding Cool), ‘Alex Rider’ novel series author Anthony Horowitz revealed that he’s the first writer to get to work on adapting the script for the second “Tintin” film. Here’s the key quote:

“The Secret of the Unicorn is being directed by Steven Spielberg and was written originally by Steven Moffat, of course the writer of Doctor Who in this country. He did a couple of drafts then it was taken over by Edgar Wright… they’ve got [that] coming out at Christmas and if that film is a success and works and gets an audience I’m writing the sequel to it, Prisoners of the Sun, which Peter Jackson is going to direct.

Joe Cornish is also a named screenwriter with Edgar Wright… That’s only three [writers]. Three is not too bad… at the moment on the second one it’s just one but you can bet your bottom dollar that by the time the film hits the screen, if it ever happens next year, that I’ll be joined by one or two other names there.”

For those who haven’t read the two books, the story begins a few months after seven professors return from a Peruvian expedition to discover Incan artifacts. Someone begins putting each of them into a coma with a powerful toxin, and Tintin and Haddock race to save them and later their colleague Calculus who is kidnapped. The adventure takes them high into the Andes and the discovery of a lost Incan civilization.

Jackson and Spielberg have talked about doing a third film, but it seems very likely that won’t be going forward until the success/failure of the first film hitting theaters later this year is determined.