“Anthem” VIP Demo Still Suffering Issues

Anthem Vip Demo Still Suffering Issues

Now milking only a handful of franchises to make all its money, Electronic Arts is taking its one risk this year with “Anthem” – the new online multiplayer space combat video game from “Mass Effect” creators BioWare.

What was supposed to be something of a coming out party for the new IP this week however, a secondary beta test dressed up as a VIP demo, has been a bit of a disaster. One full day after assuring fans that the main issues impacting the demo were resolved, people are still having so many problems they’ve had to issue a new statement via Bioware’s Blog:

“We are continuing to track current issues for the Anthem VIP Demo and the team is working very diligently to quickly resolve them.”

The two main complaints have involved access with people stuck on either the title screen or an infinite loading screen with nothing progressing beyond there. Despite the issues, the game has had more than 300,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch with more than 100 million minutes watched thus far according to the company.

Like “Fallout 76” last Fall, “Anthem” appears to be another example of a developer famous for their major single-player titles shifting towards “Destiny” and “Division”-esque multiplayer-only cash generators. “Anthem” won’t have paid DLC or Season Passes, but will incorporate a microtransaction system.

“Anthem” is currently slated for a February 22nd release.

Source: Mashable