“Ant-Man & The Wasp” Targets $70-80M Opening

Marvel’s “Ant-Man and the Wasp” opens this week and is currently riding high on good reviews which paint it as a film that will be better received than its predecessor.

Short term estimates are now coming in and the film is looking to debut in the $70-80 million range in its opening weekend – pretty much the same figures suggest by early tracking in mid-June.

That would put it notably higher than the modest $57.2 million the first film made back in 2015, but would also be the lowest opening for any film in the ‘third phase’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, behind the $85 million opening of “Doctor Strange”.

The numbers come in as director Peyton Reed has spoken with io9 and revealed why he changed up the film’s antagonist this time as he was not a fan of having to use Yellowjacket in the first movie: “The villain in that movie felt like a bit of a vestige from the era in which that project was started, [which was] around the time of Iron Man one, where you have an antagonist who has a similar power set [as the hero]. I was hell-bent on doing something different.”

Reed has since walked that line back a bit, saying on Twitter: “For the record: I LOVE Yellowjacket! I LOVE Darren Cross, I LOVE Corey Stoll’s performance, and I LOVE the design of the character.”

You can also check out two new TV spots for the film below.