Ant-Man Comic Reveals Carter Appearance

We know that Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) will make an appearance in Marvel’s “Ant-Man” film later this year, but in what context she will appear has all been pure speculation for the most part.

Today, Newsarama has received a preview of Marvel’s comic book prelude to the film which shows an older Peggy Carter working with Hank Pym during the Cold War. The storyline of the comic will be as follows:

“Before Scott Lang becomes Marvel’s shrinking sensation, Dr. Hank Pym will pull on the helmet and leap into action on a death-defying mission that will take him into the icy heart of Cold War East Berlin!”

The comic panels sees an older Peggy testing Pym’s ability to improvise under pressure. It does not, however, indicate which year this story is set in. The first part of this two-part comic series debuts next week.