Another Villain Coming To “Doctor Strange”?

Earlier this week came the news that “Community” and “Rick and Morty” creator Dan Harmon had been hired to write some additional last-minute scenes for the “Doctor Strange” film which were shot recently.

Now it appears that Harmon himself may have accidentally dropped a big spoiler about the film during the Harmontown Podcast at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con last month.


A Reddit user has posted a screenshot of a video played during the presentation. In the video Harmon opened his computer’s recent documents to tease fans with the prospect of him resurrecting “Community”. The list, seen only briefly, also includes a number of “Doctor Strange” related documents, most notably “Strange Confronts Dormammu”.

Several users on the service confirm its validity and there’s also claims the video has since been taken down. If true, then the inclusion suggests the iconic villain will make an appearance in the movie. In the comics Dormammu is a powerful extra-dimensional villain, a warlord from an evil dimension who seeks universal conquest.

Mads Mikkelsen takes on the role of Kaecilius, the primary antagonist, in the film. Mikkelsen was linked at one point as Dormammu until his name was revealed to be the much more minor villain from Strange lore. Could this be another “Star Trek Into Darkness” or “Spectre”-style bait and switch? Hopefully not as neither of those reveals were well received.

Source: IGN