Another “Solo: A Star Wars Story” TV Spot

With “Avengers: Infinity War” now out, the summer box-office season has begun with “Deadpool 2” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story” the big releases this month.

The latter has now released a new TV spot which includes a first look at “Iron Man” director Jon Favreau’s voice work as the alien Rio Durant in the film. The spot is something of a ‘roll call’ which shows the team being assembled by Woody Harrelson’s Tobias Beckett.

In “Solo: A Star Wars Story, a young Han Solo enters the dark criminal underworld and comes across his future co-pilot, the Wookie Chewbacca, and notorious gambler Lando Calrissian. He will also be joined by other allies as they face off against a crime lord named Dryden Vos. The film opens May 25th.