Another “Reno 911” Film Is Being Developed

With TV revivals becoming common place now, could the beloved inept cops comedy “Reno 911!” make a comeback? After all Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, the masterminds and leading stars of the series and film adaptation, are still much in demand screenwriters and actors.

Speaking with Cinema Blend this week about his work on the TV remakes of “The Odd Couple and “Lethal Weapon” currently on the air, Lennon revealed that though there aren’t more episodes coming, a sequel to the 2007 film “Reno 911!: Miami” could well be on the way:

“[Robert Ben Garant] and I have just started talking very seriously about the idea of another Reno movie that sort of deals with like the world of the police now and things like that. We hadn’t really talked about it for years because we’ve just been doing other stuff, we were writing movies here and there.

About six weeks ago we genuinely had an idea. We do live in a world where no matter what we do separately or together, the main question people always ask is ‘When are you gonna do a Reno thing?’ We have a major thought right now for a Reno movie that we’re kicking back and forth.”

The original “Reno 911” ran from 2003-2009 and followed cops patrolling Reno, Nevada. With police brutality and militarisation becoming much bigger issues in the years since “Reno” went off the air, there’s no shortage of material for them to exploit both as absurdist and sharply skewering satire.