Another “Paranormal Activity” Coming?

Paramount Pictures is “actively considering” making a sequel to “Paranormal Activity,” the low-budget supernatural horror flick that has become the sleeper hit of the season reports The Los Angeles Times.

Costing a mere $11,000 to make, the studio picked up the rights to the film for $300,000 and spent less than $10 million on marketing with most of the promotion coming from online viral campaigns and word of mouth via a staged rollout releasing scheme throughout October.

Going wide this week, the film sat at the top of the box-office with $22 million – easily beating the critically slammed “Saw VI” which opened in more theatres to $14.8 million.

All up ‘Paranormal’ has pulled in $62.5 million so far and is expected to cross $100 million domestically by the time its finished making it one of the most profitable films in the studio’s history.

Another motive for a sequel? Rights. IM Global owns international distribution rights to the film, but any sequel would have worldwide distribution rights go to Paramount.

The catch however is the model from ten years ago – 1999’s “The Blair Witch Project”. That breakout hit took in $140.6 million while the sequel ‘Book of Shadows’ the following year took in a mere $26.4 million.