Another “Paradise Lost” Film Planned

Producer Martin Poll, Granite Entertainment and STV Networks are readying a $30-35 million indie feature film adaptation of John Milton’s classic 17th century poem “Paradise Lost” says The Hollywood Reporter.

The project will go up against Legendary Pictures and Vincent Newman Entertainment’s plan to adapt ‘Lost’ as a big-budget feature.

The classic poem deals with Satan’s fall from grace, his temptation of Adam and Eve and the first couple’s subsequent banishment from the Garden of Eden.

Poll has been planning a film version of ‘Lost’ since the late 60’s and developed a script with the late John Collier. That script was published in 1973 and Poll has maintained the option to it over the years. Arthur Penn did the most recent version.

Then this past year producers Hank McCann, Bob Knotek and Jonas McCord came onboard and the project now could enter production as early as this Summer.

Unknowns David Dunham and Patricia Li Bryan are set to play Adam and Eve while a major star is being sought for Satan. A director is also currently being sought.

Scott Derrickson is attached to direct the rival project for Warner Bros. Pictures.