Another “Master & Commander” Sets Sail?

It was very well-reviewed and many (including myself) have been keen to see a sequel, and now the Associated Press reports that a follow-up to 2003’s “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” may finally be in the works.

Star Russell Crowe Crowe has entered into early negotiations for the sequel, and revealed that a script is already written with much of the action based on “The Reverse of the Medal”, the eleventh novel in Patrick O’Brian’s twenty-book series.

Based mostly on the tenth novel in the series ‘The Far Side of the World’, the first film also utilized elements from the first (“Master and Commander”), the third (“HMS Surprise”) and fifth (“Desolation Island”) books in the series.

The plot for ‘Medal’ sees Crowe’s Captain Jack Aubrey sailing into the Carribbean with his HMS Surprise ship, where he discovers his illegitimate black son, Samuel Panda, now a Catholic priest. The Captain soon ends up arrested and imprisoned in Marshalsea for insider trading after being setup by his fellow countrymen and a corrupted diplomatic agent.

There’s long been talk of a sequel, but the main hurdle has been expense. Peter Weir’s ‘World’ was a costly $150 million at the time and made just $93 million domestically. Internationally, where historical dramas always fare better, it took in a further $118 million.

With many studios cutting back on costs, the choice of ‘Medal’ isn’t unexpected as much of it seems to be almost a courtroom drama with little in the way of costly sea-based naval action.