Another Knight Villain Revealed?

On street eyewitness reports of filming often reveal very little due to distance, security, or most often just plain dull sequences being shot – all the good stuff happens behind sound stage doors of course.

Today however is may be an exception as a scooper for Superhero Hype watched some of “The Dark Knight” filming in Chicago this week and claims to have witnessed a potential spoiler already gossiped about.

That spoiler? That The Scarecrow is back. Actor Cillian Murphy had previously stated that he hadn’t heard that he would be returning as The Scarecrow, and then later slyly hinted that he would make a brief appearance in the “Batman Begins” sequel (but wouldn’t confirm).

Now it seems according to the scooper that some of that sequence has been shot and claimed seeing Murphy in control of one gang who is engaged in a firefight with another gang. Later on a Batman stunt double was said to be seen fighting with the Scarecrow, being gassed by the villain, and falling to the ground holding his face and screaming.

Check out some pics and the full report at Superhero Hype.