Another “Hulk” Movie In Consideration?

Marvel tried twice and failed twice to turn a standalone Incredible Hulk movie into its own franchise. As a result, the studio gave up and instead planned to only use the green giant as a supporting character in “The Avengers” films.

Then came the release of the first “The Avengers” and reviews from both critics and audiences alike often cited Mark Ruffalo’s take on the character to be the best thing in a film that was already scoring a lot of high praise.

Even in the months after release, Marvel flat out said they had no intention of doing a solo “Hulk” film again. Now though, according to Ruffalo himself, they may have softened their stance. Talking with Digital Spy, the actor was asked what are the chances of a standalone Hulk starring him:

“I think they [Marvel] are, for the first time, entertaining the idea of it. When we did The Avengers it was basically ‘No!’, and now there is some consideration for it.

But there’s still nothing definitive, not even a skeletal version of what it would be. I look forward to going down that road, if we could crack that nut.”

A big question hanging over such a project is what story would be chosen, and how much Banner time and Hulk time would we see on screen.