Another “Grudge” Remake On The Way

Ghost House Pictures and Mandate Pictures are teaming for a second remake of “The Grudge” reports Bloody Disgusting.

The franchise began life as two Japanese short films in 1998, followed by two direct-to-video Japanese films, foliowed by two theatrical Japanese films.

The first theatrical film, 2003’s “Ju-on: The Grudge” spawned the 2004 American remake “The Grudge” starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as an American exchange student in Japan. Her character takes a job as a care worker where she comes upon the curse that plagues the Japanese suburban home of the deceased Saeki family.

A sequel to the remake hit theatres in 2006, followed by a direct-to-DVD third film in 2009 – the latter being the only work in the entire series NOT to be directed by Takashi Shimizu.

There’s no word if this remake/reboot will go theatrical or straight to disc, and no word on Shimizu’s involvement at the moment.