Another “Blackadder” Being Considered?

Another Blackadder Being Considered

The British tabloid The Sun reports that former “Blackadder” stars Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie have all agreed to a return for a new installment of the celebrated British comedy series classic.

The paper says the quartet met together at the Soho House members club in London where a source tells the paper: “They were all having a great laugh and they are all old friends. So they just said, ‘Yes, let’s do it’. It is being written now. Rowan has been saying he is extremely excited.”

Their source goes on to say it will be set in the modern day and Edmund Blackadder will be an ageing university lecturer. They also claim to have discussed guest appearances from the likes of Tom Hardy and Russell Brand.

The report follows on from a recent interview with Richard Curtis, who co-wrote the original series with Ben Elton. Curtis says:

“The thing about Blackadder was, it was a young man’s show criticising older people, saying how stupid those in authority were. So I did once think, ‘If we ever did anything again, it should be Blackadder as a teacher in a university, about how much we hate young people’.”

“Blackadder” began in 1983 with the show not getting much traction in its first season. For the second, the project was retooled and as a result became highly popular and famed for its acidic and witty writing. The first season was set in the Middle Ages, the second in Elizabethan times, the third during the Regency era, and the fourth during World War 1. Specials also aired in 1988 & 2000.

No-one involved has officially confirmed the project, and talk of a potential fifth season has floated around before to no avail. Said reports included the cast as a hippie band in the 1960s, another had them as prisoners in Colditz, and another was set against the Russian revolution

Curtis himself shot down the idea just last October, telling The Herald: “Blackadder is a very, very complicated group of people and so if you are fond enough of the series to wish that the people involved in it should live to a ripe old age, then I think it is best that we don’t work together.”