Anonymous Content Loves Philip K. Dick

If there’s one thing we could all use more of in our lives, its Dick… Philip K. Dick that is.

The author’s works have yielded such films as “Blade Runner,” “Minority Report,” “Total Recall,” and “A Scanner Darkly”. Now, Anonymous Content LLC have made a first look deal with the author’s estate to exploit his works for film and television.

The first cab off the rank is the already announced “Ubik” which Michel Gondry is helming. Described as a futuristic existential horror story, the story starts with a debt-ridden technician at a company that employs people who can ‘block’ telepaths. Suspended animation, reincarnation, moon bases, and reality shifting back in time to 1939 is just a fraction of the craziness within the novel.

Electric Shepherd Productions, the production arm of the author’s estate, is also developing film and TV projects based on Dick’s works including “The Man In the High Castle,” “Now Wait for Last Year,” “King of the Elves” and “Electric Ant.”

Source: THR