“Annihilation” Gets Raves & Netflix Date

Netflix’s UK division has confirmed that Alex Garland’s sci-fi film “Annihilation,” set to open in U.S. cinemas this week, will hit the Netflix streaming service in the UK on March 12th reports The Independent.

Paramount Pictures is releasing the film theatrically on Friday in the United States and Canada and is scheduled to release the project in China later. Netflix snapped up the rest of the worldwide rights to the film with the plan to release it on their service in those territories around seventeen days after the U.S. opening.

However, a specific date has not yet been announced by Netflix. As the streamer will almost certainly release the film simultaneously across the world, the logic has been when it was confirmed for one territory it would be confirmed for all. This UK one is the first confirmation of a date, but the IMDb has the film listed to hit Netflix in France and Belgium several days earlier – March 7th.

Whichever of the two dates it bows on, reviews for the film have been strong with the movie scoring an 85/100 on Metacritic, making it easily one of the year’s best films beaten only by “Paddington 2” (88) and “Black Panther” (87) in terms of movies screened beyond festivals so far.

Along with comparisons to Andrei Tarkovsky and Stanely Kubrick’s works, the film has been praised for its visuals and for surprisingly not spoiling the novels – the work existing quite separately to the books it is based on.