Anne Hathaway Goes Ass Out On “Dark Knight”

Anne Hathaway is pushing herself to the limits on the set of “The Dark Knight Rises”, and it’s proving something of an issue for the costume designers.

Ace Showbiz reports that Hathaway is going a lot of her own combat stunts. However the costume materials and the physical combat have lead to a little problem, and not just the stuntman black eye she caused last week. This time, the harm is to her modesty.

An insider says “Anne was filming a very similar fight scene when her costume split right open right on her bottom. She’s putting everything into this role both physically and emotionally and the wardrobe department is paying the price. She must have gone through a dozen costume changes due to throwing herself around.”

Christian Bale and Tom Hardy will likely be pushing things as well with Comic Book Movie reporting the rumor this weekend that the famous scene of Batman getting his spine broken over Bane’s knee in the comics will be recreated here for the pair’s first fight scene.

Finally, Michael Caine has confirmed on British radio that he begins shooting on the film this coming week.