Annapurna On The “Starship Troopers” Reboot?

Two tweets from Annapurna Pictures head Megan Ellison today has quickly lead to speculation that the company may be hopping onboard the “Starship Troopers” reboot.

Back in January “Thor” and “X-Men: First Class” scribe Zack Stentz was asked how the film’s script was progressing. He said the new film would be less satirical and tonally more in line with both the original Robert Heinlen novel and films like “Minority Report”.

Ellison got the ball rolling with the tweet “Would you like to know more?”. She then followed that up with “Yes” and a still she was tweeted from the 1997 film, the infomercial scene with Neil Patrick Harris killing one of the ‘bugs’.

Neal H. Moritz is slated to produce the reboot which is still very much in the development stage.

Source: Twitter