Anna Paquin Makes It Into New “X-Men”

Anna Paquin’s Rogue will be making an appearance in Fox’s upcoming “X-Men: Days Of Future Past” after all.

The actress filmed a brief scene for the movie, part of the film’s extensive future-set opening action sequence, but word came a few months back that Rogue’s scene had to be cut altogether.

In an Empire interview around that time, Paquin revealed she was disappointed not to make it into the film but understood.

Now it looks like she’s back in. Paquin’s name appears in the credits at the end of the trailer released last night. Buzzfeed contacted Fox who confirmed that Paquin in the movie, and “essentially, [it’s] a cameo.”

Vulture has added some spoiler-filled details about her scene:

“While Wolverine is gallivanting around in the past, Kitty Pryde is injured, and her future hold on Wolverine becomes tenuous. In order to preserve the time travel bond, then, the X-Men must find Rogue, who has the ability to absorb any mutant power.

Unfortunately, Rogue is being held prisoner at Xavier Mansion, which has been transformed into a Sentinel-guarded military base, and the mission to find and rescue her – an expensive, lengthy sequence that involves Professor X, Magneto, and Iceman – was sliced from the film in postproduction after Fox executives worried it would pad the running time to over two and a half hours.

Rogue is still brought in briefly to absorb Kitty’s power and tend to Wolverine, but the machinations to get her there will now happen offscreen.”

The site adds that three more mutants have filmed secret cameos for the film that haven’t been revealed yet.

Also today, the film’s three main hunky stars – Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, and Michael Fassbender – participated in a 20-minute Q&A session for the film on Yahoo.