Animatronic Space Jockey In “Prometheus”?

The rumors surrounding Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” continue in force today with a source for Sky Movies, the same site that recently suggested the xenomorphs from 1979’s “Alien” will still be involved in the story, bringing up a new report today.

Their insider claims the production is currently constructing an animatronic Space Jockey, with the construction being overseen by artist and original xenomorph designer H.R. Giger. The eight foot tall animatronic has a “semi-human” head, while they also claim there’s a CG alien that is just a “giant head” piloting a ship.

It all sounds rather speculative. Another source shot me a message today having read an early draft of the script saying that a “bioweapons planet” is the only link to the “Alien” films in it and it’s a tenuous one at best. Also, some recent concept art that hit the Net supposedly from the film has since been dismissed.