Angelina Jolie Breaks Into Topkapi

Angelina Jolie has been apparently been offered the chance to co-star with Pierce Brosnan in his sequel to 1999’s “The Thomas Crown Affair” reports Moviehole.

Based on the classic 1964 Peter Ustinov heist flick “Topkapi”, the original follows a small time crook living in Greece who ends up playing both sides as he works for both the Turkish authorities and a gentleman thief determined to steal a jewel-encrusted dagger from the famed palace in Istanbul.

Brosnan told the site a few months back that “(Topkapi) is much loved by people who love that genre of film, and it has a sentimental resonance to it. So we just took ‘Thomas Crown’ off the shelf, kind of dusted it off, and took ‘Topkapi,’ which is much loved, and is also in the canon of the MGM library, so it didn’t cost us anything. This version of ‘Topkapi’ will have a different part, different woman, and different affair… and we’re using wonderful locations.”