Andy Serkis To Produce “The Bone Season”

Andy Serkis, the actor best known for mo-cap performances like Gollum, King Kong, Caesar the Ape and Captain Haddock, is set to become a producer.

Serkis’ UK production company The Imaginarium has signed a one-year first-look deal with 20th Century Fox.

The first project from that deal is an adaptation of young author Samantha Shannon’s debut novel “The Bone Season”. The Imaginarium will co-produce the film with Chernin Entertainment.

The story centers on a 19-year-old clairvoyant named Paige Mahoney, who roams the streets of London in 2059 as a criminal.

An otherworldly race wants her in their army of clairvoyants, so they kidnap and imprison her in what used to be Oxford.

Serkis, Jonathan Cavendish and Peter Chernin will produce what could be a potential franchise launcher.

Source: Heat Vision