Andy Serkis Talks “Dawn” & A Third “Apes”

Andy Serkis reprises the role of Caesar the Ape in the upcoming sequel “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”. Sitting down this week with Collider, Serkis discussed the ‘Rise’ follow-up and confirmed a third film in the series is in the works:

“The idea would be that this [Dawn] will segue into a third movie, which will lead us back to the origins, which leads us back to the very, very first movie.”

As we know, the story is set ten years after ‘Rise’. Serkis confirms the first twenty minutes of the movie are all about the apes. The tone is also “completely different” from the first film, as is the central message:

“The ape community, where Caesar has, you know, set up and galvanized all the apes, the chimpanzees and the orangs, and the chimps into one family, one tribe that he’s the ruler of. But he’s an egalitarian leader, and so you really think you’re watching a tribe at the beginning, and I’m really excited about people seeing that, and then suddenly having the rug pulled from out under their feet when the humans turn on them.

I think it’s really powerful, and I think important film about identity, about tribalism, about fighting for what you believe is right and being able to empathize. As it always was with these ‘Apes’ films, they are always about something else, the metaphor is very clear, and it’s – this particular time around it’s about these two families fighting for survival, but yet knowing that if you just fight for your own family it’s not necessarily the way to peace and not necessarily the way to survival.”

Serkis goes on to confirm that with advancements in performance capture technology, around 90% of the film is shot on location. ‘Rise’ boasted a lot of ‘on-set’ pieces and a smattering of locations, this time it’s the other way around.