Andy Muschietti To Helm “Robotech” Film

Andy Muschietti, the director of this Fall’s film adaptation of Stephen King’s “IT,” has been tapped to develop and helm a film adaptation of the anime “Robotech” at Sony Pictures.

The story is based on the 1980s cartoon series from Harmony Gold and Tatsunoko Productions which was re-edited and re-dialogued to combine three different Japanese anime series and allow producers enough episodes to air as a daily syndicated series.

The story is set in a time when Earth has developed giant robots from the technology of an alien spacecraft that crashed on a South Pacific island. The technology proves useful when humanity has to fend off a wave of alien invasions.

Muschietti, his creative partner Barbara Muschietti, Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton will produce. A writer will be sought shortly.

The studio previously sought James Wan to direct, while attempts have been made to adapt the property for over a decade.

Source: Heat Vision