Andrew Dominik Remaking “Tell No One”

Early last year came the announcement that Miramax, Focus Features International, EuropaCorp and Spielberg’s frequent producing partner Kathleen Kennedy were all set to collaborate on a new English language adaptation of American novelist Harlan Coben’s “Tell No One”.

Over 12 months on and Miramax has of course dropped out of the project and development on the film continues at a snail’s pace and The Los Angeles Times reports today that Aussie filmmaker Andrew Dominik (“Chopper,” “The Assassination of Jesse James”) has been writing a draft of the script.

Coben’s story follows a doctor grieving for his dead wife who then discovers she may still be alive. As he tries to find her, other forces seem to be on the trail as well. The novel is Coben’s highest selling title and an international bestseller.

Guillaume Canet directed a French-language film adaptation of the property which was first released in 2006 in France. Two years later the film opened in the US and various international territories and went on to score both critical acclaim and a solid $6 million box-office – making it the highest earning foreign language film of that year.

Since this remake/new adaptation was announced, there has come the inevitable complaints of Hollywood yet again remaking foreign-language films based on bestsellers like their upcoming new adaptations of Swedish hits “Let the Right One In” and “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” series.

Indeed, the paper also reports that numerous factors have put a slowdown on the project, including Focus which has been heavily scrutinizing its development slate.