Anderson Talks “X-Files 3,” “Ghostbusters”

Former “The X-Files” star Gillian Anderson is keeping busy with a new novel “A Vision of Fire” out in book stores, the second season of “The Fall” slated to air shortly, and her role on NBC’s “Hannibal” upgraded to a regular next season.

During a Reddit AMA to promote the book, Anderson was asked if there had been any progress on the long-rumored third “X-Files” film. She said: “Uh….uh… uh… Sorta kinda. Keep your ears to the ground.” This follows on from comments last fall by her co-star David Duchovny who said: “All the principals are on board. Gillian and I want to do it, so it’s really up to 20th Century Fox at this point.”

She was also asked about the recent reports of an all-female “Ghostbusters” to which she responded: “OH MY GOD, I just looked it up online. Paul Feig, cast me now! Start a Twitter petition! I’m free!!!!! I’m free I’m free and I’m funny, goddamnit”