An Update On The “Highlander” Reboot

Former visual-effects supervisor and second-unit director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan was originally set to make his feature directorial debut on a reboot of the “Highlander” franchise. That didn’t happen, instead he ended up taking the helm of “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” opening next week in various markets.

Now out doing promotional rounds for the latter, he was asked about where the former currently stands considering it has had a rough history whilst in development – including numerous helmers. Nicolas-Troyan confirmed to Slashfilm he’s still attached to “Highlander” which was originally to shoot in 2014:

“As far as I know… I’ve been working on this movie for quite a while. I’m still involved in it, very much so. In fact, I just talked about it yesterday with Lionsgate. You know, there are going to be some surprises there, for sure. I’m going to say that it’s very close to the original story, but there will be surprises. The characters you love in the first movie are back. There are definitely some changes, for sure.”

Nicolas-Troyan is a big fan of the original film, less so the multiple TV series and numerous movies that followed. That original followed an immortal warrior, Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) who must defeat Kurgan to win The Prize, the power of all immortals that have ever lived. Currently no actors are attached to the film.