An Unexpected X-Man Returns In “Future Past”?

While at least one of the characters from the old “X-Men” cast is being cut back for the upcoming “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” another looks like he might be added back in.

“Frasier” star Kelsey Grammar is rumored to have shot a cameo as an adult Beast in the new film, reprising the role he played in 2006’s “X-Men: The Last Stand”. An insider tells Showbiz Spy:

“Producers had the brilliant idea to bring back Kelsey for Days of Future Past. It wasn’t hard to get him to sign on for a guest appearance. He jumped at the opportunity the second it was brought to his attention. Kelsey’s special cameo was secretly shot during post-production on the Fox lot under the impression that Kelsey would be on set to film a pilot for a different project”

The source also claims the appearance will happen towards the end of the film. The story has yet to be confirmed, though filmmaker Bryan Singer is usually quite quick to jump on rumours (he hasn’t on this one yet).

Singer recently tweeted a straight up “no” when asked about the validity of rumours that Halle Berry’s Storm scenes were being cut down. He is currently finishing up the film along with shooting the pilot for the series “Battle Creek”.