An Eighth “Saw” Movie On The Way?

The first five entries in the torture porn franchise “Saw” were made on tight budgets of only a few million, yet all grossed over $100 million theatrically. When the sixth under performed with just $68.2 million, the seventh entry was remodelled to be the last film.

No-one really believed last year’s “Saw 3D” would truly be the final outing though, especially after the box-office jumped back up to $136.1 million. But it was thought a few years rest was in store. Turns out the break isn’t going to be that long.

Liongate Vice Chairman Michael Burns recently told CNBC that “I’m sure, some day, you’ll see Saw back in the picture”. His comment echoed other rumblings over at Bloody Disgusting that Lionsgate is definitely looking into further “Saw” films – especially with its current desire to move forward with more franchises.

The question now becomes not if but rather when will we see the next chapter.