An “Ashley Madison” Series On The Way?

OutEast Entertainment is reportedly set to produce “Thank You Ashley Madison,” a scripted TV series about the adultery-themed hookup site that has been all over the news headlines over the past week.

Steven Marrs and Courtney Hazlett are set to produce while “Justified” scribe Jennifer Kennedy along with Ian MacDonald are set to co-write the project which Hazlett says will likely explore the site’s recent hack in some form.

The series won’t be a direct biopic about the site’s real founder Noel Biderman, rather it will fictionalize it and focus it on a good mother who launches the business to help support her family. has made news in the past week as hackers got into the system and publicly revealed a list of the e-mails of all thirty million members who access the site from around the globe. Statistics indicate that in major metropolitan cities like Sydney, as much as up to 15% of the city’s working age male population have an active account with the service.

The project is still in very early stages, no word on when it might go into production.

Source: THR