American Horror Story To Double Up?

It seems Ryan Murphy’s annual anthology series “American Horror Story” may be doubling up shortly as ratings and awards recognition continue to grow.

Speaking about the upcoming fifth season “American Horror Story: Hotel,” Murphy tells EW that right now he and his team of writers are considering whether to do two seasons of the show a year – one in the second and one in its usual fourth quarter. He tells the mag:

“Next year we might do a fall American Horror Story and a spring. We have to decide. We’re doing something that we’ve never done before on the show where we’re doing two different groups of writers rooms. Some of our writers will be bouncing around but a whole different group coming in late August. The next thing we’re crafting up is very, very different than this. Not smaller. But just not opulent. More rogue and more dark.”

The news comes as details came to light last week about musician Lady Gaga’s role in the upcoming ‘Hotel’. The character has been described as the hotel owner and the mother of ten identical eight-year-old vampires.

“American Horror Story: Hotel” kicks off October 7th.