“American Horror Story” S6 Theme Revealed

After many months of obfuscation and evasion, “American Horror Story” premiered its sixth season last night and finally unveiled its theme – “My Roanoke Nightmare”.

The new season will basically tackle paranormal reality shows and documentary series in general, as a result allowing it to essentially incorporate whatever types of horror tales it wants to.

The first episode had a couple moving out to the middle of nowhere in a North Carolina house that is the epicenter of all kings of evil. As it’s a documentary series send-up though you had both the ‘real life’ victims (Lily Rabe and Andre Holland) and ‘actors’ doing re-enactments as those same people (Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr.).

Those it’s not confirmed, it’s theorised we’ll get a different reenactment each week as a nod to reality ghost shows – thus allowing for some quite different tales of terror with each episode albeit in the same format.

Source: TV Line