American Horror Story Reboots Next Year

Due to its very nature as an anthology series, FX’s “American Horror Story” sees itself scoring a mini-reboot every season. That said, some reboots are more extreme than others, most notably the jump between the truly dark sci-fi/horror shenanigans of the second season ‘Asylum’ and the often more blackly comic tone of the third season ‘Coven’.

Speaking about the show at the TCA Winter Tour, FX president John Landgraf says expect a similarly major change in style next season. He tells TV Line:

“One of the things I love so much about that is that it can be radically, radically reinvented in terms of tone, setting, period, characters, cast. I think there’s going to be an unusually large reinvention in between Book 4 and Book 5 relative to, say, between Book 3 and Book 4.”

Landgraf was also asked if the new season would be set in the present day, like the other odd numbered seasons in this series are. He says: “That’s my hope, yeah.” Not a lot else is known about the next season of the show, though show runner Ryan Murphy is reportedly keen to film in Santa Fe later this year.