“American Crime Story: Katrina” Has Stalled

‘Katrina,’ the third season of FX’s anthology drama “American Crime Story,” seems to be in a holding pattern. In fact, and despite having long been cast, it sounds like nothing has actually been shot as yet.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour on Saturday, director Anthony Hemingway said:

“That just kind of got stalled. We’re all standing by waiting to find out what’s happening… Nothing has really been done. We haven’t started prep on it at all.”

That would explain why the already long in production “American Crime Story: Versace,” the originally planned third season, has been moved up to serve as the second season instead.

Hemingway, who helmed five episodes of the first season ‘The People V. O.J. Simpson,’ was asked if there’s a chance it won’t happen at all to which he said: “Who knows. It’s all up to [producer] Ryan Murphy.” He adds that the delay is most likely due to Murphy opting not to do both seasons simultaneously:

“I just think that was [what was] at play. It was the bird in hand syndrome. [Versace] needed a lot of attention, so I think he just made the decision to do that. Instead of doing what was intended, which was doing them parallel at the same time, he chose to do them one at a time.”

The ‘Katrina’ season is slated to star Dennis Quaid as former president George W. Bush, Annette Bening as former Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco and Matthew Broderick as Federal Emergency Management Agency director Michael D. Brown.

Darren Criss, Edgar Ramirez, Penelope Cruz and Ricky Martin star in the ‘Versace’ instalment which is expected to air next year. A fourth season dealing with the Monica Lewinsky scandal is also in planning stages.

Source: The Live Feed