Amell, Ambrose Star In An “X-Files” Spin-Off?

It seems the upcoming “The X-Files” event series revival may be more than it first appears. The six episode series, which premieres January 24th, is mostly being sold on the fact that it features the return of the show’s original stars.

TV Line however says that at one point it was also being suggested that it might serve as an extended backdoor pilot for a new spin-off series revolving around two new characters introduced in the revival. Those characters are alien hunting FBI agents Miles and Einstein, played by Robbie Amell (“The Flash”) and Lauren Ambrose (“Six Feet Under”).

The site indicates that while FOX was considering the project at one point, it is currently dead. They add that it could be revived in the future and FOX is potentially waiting to see how fans react to these new characters before making any announcements. Show runner Chris Carter has confirmed neither of the actors are under contract for anything more than the already shot six episodes.