AMC’s “Walking Dead” To Have A Long Life

AMC Networks, reporting on its fourth-quarter earnings on Thursday, says that despite the roller coaster ratings issues with “The Walking Dead,” the mega popular zombie series’ future with the network is set for years to come.

The series holds the crown as the No. 1 show on television with the key 18-49 demographic and shows no signs of giving it up. It also remains a primary driver of revenue and attention for the cable network.

AMC CEO Josh Sapan says: “The show continues to have creative strength and command a large and loyal audience, which has in turn attracted ad revenue to our great benefit…’The Walking Dead’ is a franchise that will deliver ancillary revenues over different distribution platforms for many years to come as it does today, and we believe it will have a long life that accrues to our strategic position and financial benefit.”

The series, currently in the midst of airing the back half of its seventh season, and has at least several seasons more worth of material from the ongoing comic to exploit.

Source: THR