AMC’s “Terror” To Be Released In Full… Sort Of

AMC has announced that their new drama series “The Terror” will take on two different release approaches depending upon your cable subscription.

Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies and Ciaran Hinds star in the Arctic Circle-set period thriller, based on the novel by Dan Simmons, which follows the ill-fated Franklin expedition to find the Northwest Passage.

When the ships become stuck in the ice, the crew struggle to survive the harsh conditions way below freezing along with an apparent monster that appears to be picking off the crew.

The network will reportedly release all ten episodes for its $5 per month ad-free AMC Premiere service customers on Sunday, March 26th – the episodes going up at the same time as the network TV premiere of the first episode at 9pm. For those without the service, you’re stuck watching it weekly through until late May.

AMC Premiere is available only to Comcast’s Xfinity customers, who also must have a TV package that includes AMC. The network used the same launch strategy for “McMafia” which premiered last month.

Source: AMC