AMC Set To Split “Mad Men” Final Season

AMC is taking a leaf out of its own playbook and plans to split the final season of its acclaimed series “Mad Men” into two parts.

The fourteen episode seventh season will now be split into two batches of seven episodes each. The first batch, dubbed ‘The Beginning’, will air Spring 2014. The second, called ‘The End of an Era’, will air Spring 2015.

The approach is likely due to the success of the same approach with the fifth and final season AMC’s “Breaking Bad”.

First run episodes of “Breaking Bad” garnered 1.5-1.9 million viewers per episode over its first four seasons. The fifth season saw ratings jump to 2.3-2.9 million for the first half, and between 4.4-6.4 million for the second half.

The most recent sixth season of “Mad Men” averaged 2.7 million viewers per episode.

Source: The Live Feed