AMC Schedules “Dead,” “Bad,” “Mad”

With “The Walking Dead” proving such a success for cable network AMC, the show’s renewal last week came as no surprise.

Now, The Live Feed reports that despite the longer 13-episode order for the second season, AMC plans to stick to its schedule and will premiere the second season around October next year.

A more specific date won’t be locked for a while as production plans for a second season aren’t yet locked. However show creator Frank Darabont is planning to write and direct at least one episode.

The six episode first season is presently halfway through its run. The pilot episode scored 5.35 million viewers, a number that dropped to 4.71 million by the second episode, and back up to 5.07 million by the third.

AMC is also moving its acclaimed series “Breaking Bad” into a Summer airing slot with that show’s fourth season likely to premiere around the same time as the network’s fifth season of “Mad Men”.