AMC Ponders Ridley Scott’s “Marvel” Series

AMC is reportedly opening a writers room for “Marvel,” a new drama series from Scott Free Prods. which is an adaptation of George Pendle’s novel “Strange Angel”.

“Angel’ was inspired by the story of Jet Propulsion Laboratory co-founder Jack Parsons – a science prodigy and a later discovered to be a devotee of black magic when he died at 37 in 1952.

The writers room aims to have three to five completed backup scripts, several further episode outlines and a completely mapped-out first season so as to hopefully obtain a straight-to-series order. AMC has taken that approach with three other projects – “The Son,” “Goliath” and “Lodge 49” – with one, “The Son,” being ordered to series.

David Heyman, Ridley Scott and David Zucker will executive produce “Marvel” which comes out of a deal between Scott Free and AMC originally made for the Dan Simmons book “The Terror” about the failed Franklin expedition to find the Northwest Passage. That project was also eyeing a straight-to-series order.

Source: Deadline